Thursday, January 20, 2011

day 2

it seems videos with good audio will have to come later... (mostly next week after I return)... there isn't enough time... I am exausted and still have to write a speech (for a public peace event tommarrow), and homework for my estudiantes... (they are co-editing and writing the recording workbook that they will need to continue when I leave...) Music today was probably the stuff that most deserved to be recorded that I've ever done... 

producing friends at home are strongly incuraged to send mp3 instrumentals... this is your last chance...

I didn't really know fruityloops (an easy to learn production software) fortunently one of my students did... he was able to teach the main lesson on instumental production and will do the same for the other group on saturday... very impowering for them... more and more I can step away from the controls while we record and this is only the 2nd day!!!

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