Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It is happening... I am more or less pulling it off some unexpected situations and unusual recording senarios are going on...The 2 groups of 4 student became 2 groups of 12 students. (I guess the comedor like D-Street studios in general has a hard time turning people away.)
 There is no way to condition the room for sound, there are too many holes between the walls and cieling, so we hear the guy across the alley's many cockfighting roosters crowing all day...
I lowered the gain and used a directional mic... even the babies and converations in the room haven't messed it up at all. Everyone is so grateful and incuraging. Rappers are very well practiced, no one did more than 2 takes, almost everything was done perfectly in 1 (including layers and fast parts).

We recorded 7 songs this first day, even as I explained nearly every detail of what I was doistopped sometimes to show them in small groups. The hope is that by the last day they will be doing the recording work. The only failing has been my spanish. as much as I prepared, it is really hard to teach or record in a second language, but I have plenty of help from others who are more fluent (but no nothing of recording). I will post a rough mix or 2 tonight, but realize this is from one day in a place on the edge of the country but totally urban, impovershed, at times hopeless and others hopeful, transendent in the face of for more than threats but "social cleansing" (paramilitary talk for political murder). outside smells like an open sewer, people clean up nice because apearance can be everything... but to me it is all about the music, this definitly deserves recording...

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  1. Ben, it sounds like you're making great progress, having an incredible experience, and giving back to the community in a totally unique way. Too cool. Keep up the good work!