Sunday, January 23, 2011

"graduation" and coming home

I never thought I'd get to hand out diplomas... this was pretty close... they were very proud and so were family members... words were very grateful... I never thought I'd have so much fun at such a ceremony...

Poster on the wall for this event

Something for the Studio Wall back home...
aside from much thanks and praise there was also alot of talk about how they will continue without me, several perpoals have already been written (by the Jovenes, without solicitation). specific steps, schedualling, classes/workshops they have offered to their community.

Of course the best part was the freestyle with beatboxing, harmonica (by me) and the overall feeling of genuine appreciation all around.

Thanks for keeping an eye one this work, I will be headed home in the morning, and available in town sometime in the next few days. Peace.

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